If you want a smart child, then you must be smarter during pregnancy
on 17 September 2020
Synaptic transmission

The way we perceive our environment, eventually influence the way our brain, then our body, responds to it. This also applies to your unborn child during pregnancy. If you are in a good place mentally, then so is your unborn child but it is also a two-way flow when you're in a bad place  .  .  .

How you are; so are they!

When a couple finds out they are to be parents, most often it is a joyous experience and a whole series of planning expeditions for their new arrival begins. Things like the baby's room, decorations fixtures and fittings, soft furnishings etc. Then the wardrobe of clothing begins to grow. In addition to that, the health of the baby comes into focus and of course, the irony of that is that the mother is the source of the baby's health. So, whereas before there was less awareness of her health, that now becomes of paramount importance. If she smokes or drinks, those behaviours usually cease, she will also become more conscious of her daily food intake and this is good. But I often wonder why it is that we have to get to such a phase of life in order to become hyper-aware of the importance of what we eat? It would appear, psychologically speaking, that we think more of our unborn child's health than we do of our own!

So, let's think about that for a moment. For a period of some 8 months (knowing you're pregnant, takes time), you take precautions and make adjustments to your daily routines, essentially life changes. However, after the baby is born, things often return to pre-natal norms. Maybe a couple of drinks to start with, a nice unhealthy meal, loads of fats, sugars and carbs, oh . . . and maybe even a cigarette? This makes me think of a question. If you were so health-conscious during pregnancy, what are the chances that you will be conscious of your newborn's health as a child? Assuming you will be, will your child, as they grow, become aware of the disparity of what you say, relating to being healthy, and what you do? It's as if you are teaching them one thing but through demonstration teaching them something else. Confusing or what!. Your mantra seems to be, do as I say, not as I do! You might even think back to your own childhood, do you remember comments like that from your parent's?

In the first few years of life, children learn mostly from observation and experience and the brain faithfully records those experiences into memories. In some sense, during those years, the baby is creating a database that will somehow determine their future character and personality. However, neuroscience is slowly and progressively highlighting that the child's brain begins building this database while in its mother's womb. The upshot of this, for the baby, is that what it learns in the womb, plays a role at the level of cells, feelings/emotions and sensory experiences. These in-utero experiences shape the way genes develop and express themselves and a useful way to think of gene expression is behaviour. Basically, a human being is a complicated mix of genetics and environmental experience. Science has proven, the better, more emotionally positive, the in-utero experience is, the better it is for the baby, in terms of brain (neurological) development and body (physiological) development.

But while looking after yourself better during pregnancy can alter the development of your growing child that merely addresses the environmental (epigenetic) side of the equation. What about if you were to start while you were much younger to take better care of yourself? Because life is a two-way flow, i.e. DNA> - RNA> - Protein - I - Protein> RNA> DNA, the way we live our life can eventually change aspects of this life flow. This, at least potentially, means we have the potential to increase the quality of the ovum (egg). If daddy does the same then we have the potential to increase the quality of the zygote (fertilised egg).

This means there are two sides to the equation of life, 1. you have an obligation to yourself to leave this world in a much better place than on entry and 2. to create a legacy for your progeny to carry that forward! Essentially that means your role as a parent, relative to the psychological, emotional and mental health of your baby, starts before the moment you know you are pregnant. Therefore, from a pre-prenatal perspective, you need to change the mantra, from do as I say, not as I do, to; say what you mean, mean what you say. This will be much better for two reasons, 1. you will be congruent yourself (emotional/cognitive resonance) and 2. teaching your baby the mindset that develops out of congruence. Congruence essentially equates to the presence of balance and in the presence of balance, there is less or no conflict (emotional/cognitive dissonance).

Relating this to hypnosis therapy is simple. Hypnosis allows you to discover the areas of your brain, and what we term mind, and develop them towards having a greater awareness of life. Essentially it makes you more emotionally and cognitively functional. Oh, and by the way, life gets to feel a whole lot better too!

Hypnotherapy stands out as one of the most effective strategic life management methods there is, especially in its ability to promote clear thinking and good states of mental wellness. The behaviours that make life challenging are often a result of too much stress, too little or poor quality sleep and too little by way of mental and emotional clarity! So, to get or take back control of your mind and your life, it makes perfect sense to use a methodology that addresses the subconscious brain's role in perpetuating negative, vague and ambiguous states of mind. Hypnosis helps us to create calm relaxing states of mind that make life work better! If you would like to address any concerns you have in this direction, or, if you just want the ability to make your life feel better, then why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation? Hypnosis gives you the ability to have a good life! 

My objective is to help people understand how and why we become illogically trapped into emotional experiences that may actually be happening but for reasons, we may never have imagined! If you want to know more about Hypnotherapy, why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation? 

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The Research:

Bruce Lipton, the pioneering epigeneticist, has some very important advice for everyone planning a family or in the process right now. The way mother perceives her environment alters the way genes communicate with the body, the two-way flow. The developing foetus reads the exact same data and the brain develops ready to inherit the world in which it will ultimately reside. So a relaxed supportive pregnancy has a higher chance of producing a genius and stressed pregnancy may give you an athlete! You can see this video to see Bruce in action - Right Here