Love, the most empowering and most essential emotion but what is it?

on 05 August 2019
Life on Earth

Love is a feeling emotion but we mostly see it from a rhetorical perspective. So to feel loved, you have to move away from the semantics of it and get into the feeling side of life. Most clients I ask, "how do you feel" will tell me what they think. So, while it is said that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, from my perspective, they are both way more Earthbound they realise . . . 

Below is a very poignant story about love and one that goes to the heart of how and why I love the work I do. And love is "The Word" but not in the general sense of the word, as we know it because we mostly use the word to demonstrate affection to or from someone or something else, e.g. I love my wife, chocolate (especially the dark stuff) etc. Love is a response we feel when certain neurochemicals abound and that is important for our health because life is a feeling experience but love is all too often used semantically. Someone you love and who loves you can say "I love you" until the cows come home but if you don't feel loved, then it is only of rhetorical value! In its simplest form, love is a state of resplendent peace and calmness, why do you think people try to attain enlightenment (Zen)? This state of inner peace allows us to feel the true value of our own self, aka self-love! A state from which the mind and body act as one unified whole!

In a religious context, it is the moment where prayer meets the power of the mind. This is not denying any aspect of one's God, merely demonstrating that the mind is the seat of healing. That is somewhat evidenced by virtue that prayer doesn't work for everyone and if it didn't work for you, then your faith is called into question? Throughout history, people have experienced healing by many different means, including prayer, Sedona method, Chakras, Shamen, sleep temples, meditation and, of course, hypnosis, the common denominator among them being the mind (brain)!

Love varies from one person to the next, some "love music" but don't play it, some "love to read" but seldom pick up that book they bought last year and other "love to fish" but go to the supermarket instead. Essentially, we need to be doing more of what creates those feelings and, from there, learn how to stimulate that through mindfulness and hypnosis! It is also useful to understand how we give love and how others give it, the essence of the story below. Generally, people want to receive love the way they give it and if you both give it the same way, then you're in luck but that seldom happens. So, two people who really do love each other, rarely feel loved because they are giving it their way but getting it back another. The takeaway here is to find out how you and your loved one needs to get love and how they give it. You may not get it the way you need it but you will learn that love speaks many languages and travels down many paths; get it?

So, if you want to have an extraordinary life you need to discover how to have an experiential awareness of love, as in a chemical experience in the brain, accompanied with very pleasant bodily sensations. If you want a taster of what that can feel like, then why not come along for a Free Consultation for a taster of Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy stands out as one of the most effective strategic life management methods there is, especially in its ability to promote clear thinking and good states of mental wellness. The behaviours that make life challenging are often a result of too much stress, too little sleep and too little by way of clarity! So, to get or take back control of your mind and your life, it makes perfect sense to use a methodology that addresses the subconscious mind's role in perpetuating negative, vague and ambiguous states of mind. Hypnosis helps us to create calm relaxing states of mind that make life work better! If you would like to address any concerns you have in this direction, or, if you just want to make your life feel better, then why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation? Hypnosis gives you the ability to have a good life! 

The objective here is to help people understand how and why we become illogically trapped into irrational emotional experiences that may actually be happening for reasons different to that which we would imagine! If you want to know more about how Hypnotherapy can help you; why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation?

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A story about love:

How Do You Love?

Yesterday I broke a crystal vase that was important to me. Someone I love gave it to me, and I was really upset with my clumsiness. My husband, seeing my distress, was soothing and calm, and said, “Let me see what I can do with this.” While I continued to rant at myself, he quietly took the pieces away, worked his magic and made it like new again. When he brought it back to me his face was filled with sweetness, and it occurred to me that this repaired vase was a gift of love.

I began thinking about all the ways he shows me he loves me. Words are nice, but his actions speak volumes, and I’m so very blessed to have him in my life. I then thought of a woman I know who complains that her husband and children don’t love her. She says they never say it, and she feels that nobody cares. However, when I look at her family I realize that there is a lot of love being given. She just doesn’t recognize it so doesn’t know how to receive it.

When her husband goes to work at a job he doesn’t like, so that she can do what she wants, which is stay home and raise the children, that’s a gift of love. When her adolescent son offers to pick up something at the store so she won’t have to pack up the smaller kids to go out, that is his way of telling her he loves her. Love is all around us, but we’re often like my friend who expects it to come in a specific form. When it doesn’t, we miss it and feel unloved.
So in this month of Valentines and love, I’m reflecting on being aware of ALL the ways people show me love, and being happy and grateful to receive it in whatever form it’s given.

How about you?

Author Sandy Abell
Sandy is the author of Feeling Good About You. Click here to get your copy today!