A little kindness goes a long way for worker performance and health
on 04 November 2019
Why do we forget

That happy, calm, relaxed and motivated people will generally perform better in most, if not all areas of life, is old news. But despite knowing that, business owners and managers still persist in behaving in ways that stress and demotivate their employees! Oh my, oh my, when will they ever learn . . .

Being kind to yourself goes a long way towards being kind to others!

To be an excellent business owner or manager, one must be creative, innovative, if only to gain a competitive advantage, after all, there are very few businesses that have 100% market share and those that do, well, there probably isn't much of a market place! But let's assume that you have those abilities, the next goal is to hire, train and keep the staff who are going to help you deliver that creation and innovation. We all need a mantra, be it in life or in business, a catchy little meme, something that flows through the business as if it were the blood of life!  I like the one, happy people produce better products or services. We also need a philosophy, mine is, say what you mean and mean what you say. But so often I see people say one thing and do another. The reasoning behind this is, that the brain needs clarity and you cannot have clarity if you are in a vague and ambiguous environment. The problem for many business managers is, that they have their own vagueness and ambiguity, as well as that of their staff members. So, it is akin to the blind leading the blind; if you see what I mean?

So, the challenge is, resolve your own issues first, then systematically set about creating a structure of certainty, objectivity and create a vision that you can genuinely sell to your employees. Make them both proud to work for you and want to do so because they feel committed to the goals and objectives of the business. This can be achieved by following some of the advice below, have a banana, simply because, most people but definitely not all will respond positively to being respected, treated well and having a sense, that their well being mattered, that they were not just a number. More importantly, they receive regular feedback on their performance. Why wait until the end of the year to tell someone how they did, most human beings need regular updates, the odd well-done, a pat on the back, praise whenever praise is due and finding good reasons to give it, when you notice a staff member, who's performance is normally good, slipping, these are signs that someone may be facing difficulty.

Essentially, if you run or manage a business, first and foremost, you are managing people, do that well and your business will have a much better chance of success; a success you share with those who helped you achieve it!

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) is an especially effective way to enhance this process of discovering kindness and compassion because it allows us to experience, neurochemically, what it feels like to reap the rewards from others as they experience; and respond to our new way of being. In the absence of kindness and compassion, the brains defensive mechanisms will take what it feels is appropriate action and could actually work against the goals and dreams we have for our business, after all, the people you employ are the very ones you give the authority to deliver your business's objectives. Similarly, the empowering uplifting experience, created through hypnosis can literally boost your confidence and subsequently, that of your employees! Wouldn't that be nice!

Hypnotherapy stands out as one of the most effective strategic life management methods there is, especially in its ability to promote clear thinking and good states of mental wellness. The behaviours that make life challenging are often a result of too much stress, too little sleep and too little by way of clarity! So, to get or take back control of your mind and your life, it makes perfect sense to use a methodology that addresses the subconscious mind's role in perpetuating negative, vague and ambiguous states of mind. Hypnosis helps us to create calm relaxing states of mind that make life work better! If you would like to address any concerns you have in this direction, or, if you just want to make your life feel better, then why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation? Hypnosis gives you the ability to have a good life! 

The objective here is to help people understand how and why we become illogically trapped into irrational emotional experiences that may actually be happening for reasons different to that which we would imagine! If you want to know more about how Hypnotherapy can help you; why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation?

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The Research:

Small gestures of kindness by employers can have a big impact on employees' health and work performance, according to an international team of researchers. The team specifically examined the effects of employers enhancing the lunches of bus drivers in China with fresh fruit and found that it reduced depression among the drivers and increased their confidence in their own work performance.

"An ultimate solution to improve worker performance and health could be big pay raises or reduced workloads, but when those solutions aren't feasible, we found that even small offerings can make a big difference," said Bu Zhong, associate professor of journalism at Penn State.

According to Zhong, bus drivers are vulnerable to specific health problems due in large part to their stressful working environment, which often includes irregular shift schedules, unpredictable traffic conditions and random meal times. In addition, the sedentary nature of driving and continuous whole-body vibration contributes to fatigue, musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal issues.

Zhong and his colleagues conducted an experiment with 86 Shenzen bus drivers. During the experiment, on-duty bus drivers were given, in addition to their typical box lunch which includes no fruit, a serving of fresh fruit -- either an apple or a banana -- for three weeks. The cost of the fruit was 73 cents per meal.

The team distributed surveys to the bus drivers at three-time intervals -- one week before the experiment began, once in the middle of the three-week-long experiment and one week following the end of the experiment. The findings appear today in the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.

The researchers assessed depression with a personal health questionnaire that is recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The scale consisted of eight items, asking the participants to rate, for example, how often during the past two weeks they felt down, depressed or hopeless, and had trouble falling or staying asleep.

"Bus drivers reported significantly decreased depression levels one week after the experiments ended compared to one week before it began," said Zhong.

The team measured self-efficacy -- perceived confidence and ability to implement the necessary actions and tasks so as to achieve specific goals -- using the 10-item General Self-Efficacy Scale. Items on this scale included, "I can always manage to solve difficult problems if I try hard enough" and "I can usually handle whatever comes my way."

"We found that self-efficacy was significantly higher in the middle of the experiment week than in the week after the experiment ended," said Zhong.

Zhong concluded that while eating an extra apple at lunchtime may seem trivial, its impact can be large.

"This research suggests that employees can be sensitive to any improvement at the workplace," he said. "Before an ultimate solution is possible, some small steps can make a difference -- one apple at a time."

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